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Vail’s technology makes millions of voice interactions better every day. Are you ready to join the conversation?

Telecommunications has drastically evolved since our founding in 1991, but so has our technology. We’re growing and looking for passionate employees to join our team.

Don’t see a position that matches your skill set? Vail is continuously recruiting and open positions can change frequently, so check back periodically or get in touch with an email to jobs-hr@vailsys.com and let us know how you can contribute to Vail.

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Our team is responsible for all accounting and financial functions for Vail and its subsidiaries. We measure and forecast the company’s overall financial position. Our goal is to ensure financial compliance and to maintain and manage company growth. If you are a passionate learner and like working independently and with a team in a fast-paced and high-volume environment, with emphasis on accuracy and timelines, we’d like to speak with you.

Application Development

Our team works to expose the inner mechanisms of our voice technology in a secure and usable way, and provides connections and insight to a vast quantity of call data. Our team is continuing to grow and contributes to many areas within Vail, including building analytics tools, simplifying call routing rules, updating Vail’s branding presence, creating APIs, and building internal tools. We enjoy the daily grind of enhancing our products and solutions, which we accomplish by collaborating with other Vail teams and continuing to learn new skills and technologies. If you love complex problems, peer-to-peer collaboration, and using technology to solve problems in a user friendly way, then we would like to hear from you.

Data & Analytics

Our team works to capture billions of interaction records from conversations hosted on our platforms and augment them with things like voice clarity and customer experience dynamics, resulting in a rich source of authentic consumer interaction data. We explore this data using statistical methods and data visualization techniques to expose surprising insights into consumer behavior, enabling our clients to deliver truly world-class service experiences. Additionally, we work to expose patterns that help our engineering teams to optimize all of the services Vail provides, contributing significantly to Vail’s future product strategy. If you’re an explorer at heart, if you’re the curious type, if you love solving puzzles and enjoy statistics, then we want to talk to you.


Vail’s engineering team loves a good challenge and has developed a very diverse set of software components, including the internally-developed SIP stack, software DSP audio processors, PSTN to SIP gateways, SIP proxies, and call routing engines, as well as the applications that run on top of all of these systems. The engineering team expects excellence in everything it produces - software must be written to provide required functionality and also be scalable, highly reliable, highly available, maintainable, and efficient. Our platform does some amazing things – almost all devised and developed by the engineering team. If your idea of a good day is being presented with a problem that our competitors could not solve, then collaborating with fellow Vail engineers to brainstorm solutions and come up with an implementation plan to make it real, then we’d like to talk to you!

Human Resources

Our mission is to align HR practices to support business priorities and growth strategies. We want to increase the success of Vail/Versay by influencing and improving decisions that impact people and building organizational capabilities to enable Vail/Versay to win in the marketplace. We believe that our HR practices will help to create a culture of hard working, innovative, customer-centric, engaged employees. A culture of engaged employees will allow Vail/Versay to be more profitable, productive, have higher levels of customer service and better retention of our employees. If you are passionate about solving problems and enjoy working in a team environment, we’d like you to join our team.


Vail Operations supports voice solutions for our customers, including state-of-the-art IP telephony, IVR, call routing, contact center integrations, and cutting edge real-time analytics. Our team consolidates several disciplines to maintain the high-availability of our voice and analytics platforms, manage growth, and help provide innovative solutions to customers. We implement, maintain, monitor, design, and secure networks, systems, and voice platforms with the strong high-availability requirements of carrier-grade hosting environments, as well as provide the IT services for the company. The disciplines within our team include systems administration, network engineering, data-center operations, telecom, NOC, and security. If you like to work in a highly technical team environment to design and deliver solutions to complex technical problems, then we want to hear from you.

Services Delivery

Our Services Delivery Team is a diverse group of multi-talented individuals focused on solving our customers’ unique technical challenges. Our team manages projects, provisions new accounts, and is Vail’s face to the customer for troubleshooting and inquiries. We take pride in our adaptability, innovativeness and empathy. A good day is one where we’ve kept lines of communication open and have exceeded expectations in fulfilling our commitments. The fact that we can do such things speaks to the flexibility and power of the products and technology we work with, as well as our tight relationship with our engineering leads. Since we’re on the front lines, we are able to continuously work towards streamlining processes and improving execution. If you are passionate about solving problems, prefer to lead instead of follow, enjoy working directly with clients, and like nothing more than a job well done, we’d like to meet you.